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NY TIMES October 1999

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The travel Industry generates the 2nd most revenue on the Internet today! Hotel reservations is the first Cyprus based company  to create web sites with live Hotel rooms availability.

Partner Options.

The branded fully integrated program is the most lucrative.  We provide you with a site that looks and feels like your site but uses Technology.

Our link program allows you to simply place links throughout your site and generate money from the traffic you already have. Do not ignore the value you are adding to your site.  Join the Affiliated Cyprus Accommodation network and in minutes you could providing your users with our extensive live database of Cyprus Accommodations Network.

Commission Structure and Tracking.

Every time a user clicks on our logo and makes a booking from your site, you earn 3% in commissions. considering the average amount from accommodation bookings is $400.00 US this is translated to $12.00 US per booking. Our tracking system allows you to know exactly how many reservations have been booked from your web site.  You will receive a monthly commission check based on reservations actualized.( customer has stayed and checked out)

Associate with us.

Build trust and credibility in your site by associating yourself with an industry leader in state of the art web based online room reservation and management system.  Feel comfortable Knowing that you have smart and reliable tools on your site.  Your customers will appreciate the services and respond with greater loyalty and page views.

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